Services for Commercial Supporters of Independent Medical Education

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1. Consulting & Workshops

Workshops on educational planning and outcomes

Aggregating IME outcomes reports

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2. IME Benchmarking 

IME budget benchmarking reports (2019 & 2020)

Landscape assessments of  available IME


3. Medical Info-seeking 

Key insights on how, where and why clinicians seek out medical information and education


4. Educational Needs

Identify continuing educational needs by assessing clinician gaps in clinical practice and quantify barriers impeding patient care 

Consulting and Workshops

Utilize CE Outcomes' experience to help your IME team gain expertise related to IME outcomes.  We conduct workshops to provide an overview of outcomes theory and methods, hands-on exercises to critically review an outcomes report, and review best practices and considerations when aggregating outcomes data.  We also help supporters communicate internally the impact across their education by creating customized templates and outcomes reporting dashboards. 

IME Benchmarking

Little data is available to understand IME budgets or get a picture of what CME/CE available to clinicians within a specific disease state.  CE Outcomes prepares an Annual IME Budget Report based on publicly available grant transparency data. The 2nd Annual Report is available October 2020 and includes data from 14 companies trending IME spend from 2018 and 2019 aligned to therapeutic area and disease specific information. CE Outcomes also prepares customized reports on the current CME/CE landscape for disease areas in order to help companies have the information to direct their IME strategy. 

Medical Information-Seeking Patterns

Where do clinicians seek medical information?  What format of medical information are clinicians most likely to access?  What meetings and websites are they most likely to engage with? When engaging in online CME, what is most important to clinicians? Patterns for seeking medical information and preferences for engaging vary by clinician type, specialty and other characteristics.  Gain data to help ensure the most efficient direction of your medical information and educational resources.

Educational Needs Assessment

US and Global Audiences:

Maximize resources by supporting the most relevant information aligned to identified clinical needs.  CE Outcomes quantifies current practice patterns, attitudes and barriers of clinicians in order to understand scope and prioritization of education and information needs among US and Ex-US audiences. ​CE Outcomes is an independent educational research company, not a provider of educational content. We use evidence-based qualitative and quantitative assessment methodologies which have yielded over 80 articles and scientific abstracts across disease states.

Rare Disease Focus:

CE Outcomes has experience with the nuances of assessing educational needs of clinicians related to rare diseases.  Our approach allows clinicians to work through realistic patient cases presenting with rare diseases providing a unique opportunity to increase disease awareness among targeted clinicians while also identifying current practice and knowledge gaps. 


Patient Educational Needs Assessment: 

Understand current patient perspectives on their disease and care in order to direct informational and educational resources to both clinicians and patients. We collaborate with patient advocacy groups and all patient studies are conducted with IRB approval.

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