Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical

Strategic Data Services

  • Align strategies to the identify gaps and prioritize educational needs for continuing education support

  • Independently document current practice patterns, barriers and perceptions of clinicians 

  • Trend the impact with outcomes of effectiveness across supported educational programs



Direct Information Strategies

Demonstrate Impact Outcomes


Industry Trend Reports

Medical Information-Seeking and Patterns

Where do specific clinician learner groups seek medical information and CME?  And what types of information and education are most likely to change practice?

Patterns for seeking medical information and preferences for accessing continuing education varies by specialty, as well as other practice characteristics.  With over 9 years of experience in researching medical information-seeking patterns and preferences, CE Outcomes has data to help companies ensure informational resources being supported are going to attract the intended target audience. 

Practice Impact (Outcomes) Assessment

What is the practice change of clinicians based on exposure across supported independent education, disease state awareness campaigns or other directed informational resources?


It can be difficult to demonstrate the impact of supported educational resources as a whole to key internal stakeholders given a lack of standard outcomes data that can be easily aggregated across individual activities.


CE Outcomes’ practice impact assessment yields independent data to demonstrate the educational impact across supported programs on clinician practice directly aligned with overall strategic goals while providing data on on-going educational need.

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