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Direct Information & Education Strategies

CE Outcomes provides a range of services to help efficiently and effectively direct medical informational resources.​

Medical Info-Seeking Patterns and Preferences

Educational Needs Assessment

US and Global Audiences:

Maximize resources by supporting the most relevant Information aligned to identified clinical needs.  Quantify current practice patterns, attitudes and barriers of clinicians in order to understand scope and prioritization of education and information needs among US and Ex-US audiences. 


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Rare Disease Focus:

Clinicians work through realistic patient cases presenting with rare diseases providing a unique opportunity to increase disease awareness among targeted clinicians while also identifying current practice and knowledge gaps. This assessment helps refine future information strategy. 

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Understand current patient perspectives on their disease and care in order to direct informational and educational resources to both clinicians and patients. We collaborate with patient advocacy groups and all patient studies are conducted with IRB approval.

  Medical Info-Seeking Patterns and Preferences

Where do clinicians seek medical information?  What format of CME are clinicians most likely to access?  What national meetings and websites are they most likely to engage with? Patterns for seeking medical information and preferences for engaging with CME vary by clinician type, specialty and other characteristics.  Gain data to help ensure the most efficient direction of your medical information and educational resources.




It can be difficult to demonstrate the impact of supported educational resources given a lack of standard outcomes data that can be easily aggregated across individual activities.

CE Outcomes’ comprehensive outcomes assessment yields independent data to demonstrate the impact of your educational support across the CME activities aligned with your overall strategic goals.


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